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“Colony Collapse” Inkwell Vol. 12, 2017

“Familial Idiolect” Inkwell Vol. 12, 2017

“Spin Away” Vanishing Point Magazine Vol. 2, Spring 2015


“How Memories are a Catalyst for Creative Prose” F(r)ictionLit, May 2019

“Another Pair of Eyes: Writing as a Reciprocal Practice” Inkwell Vol. 10, 2015


Review of Sunflower by Tex Gresham, F(r)ictionLit, Winter 2021

Review of Heck, Texas by Tex Gresham, F(r)ictionLit, Summer 2020

Review of Intimations by Zadie Smith F(r)ictionLit, Summer 2020

Review of Interpol’s Marauder, Three Imaginary Girls, Winter 2019

Review of Retablos by Octavio Solis F(r)ictionLit, Summer 2019

Review of Plastic: An Autobiography by Allison Cobb Drizzle Review, Fall 2018

Review of Animal Collective’s Tangerine Reef, Three Imaginary Girls, Summer 2018


Bing Bong TV, 2016