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Thomas Farlene Chisholm Posts

Book Review: Retablos: Stories from a Life Lived Along the Border by Octavio Solis (City Lights, 2018)

At sixty, Octavio Solis’s memories from youth began feeling more like dreams. He chose to write them down in an act of reclaiming them as authentic. But as he wrote, even his most accurate memories began to take on a strange unreality similar to his dreamlike past.

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Book Review: Plastic: An Autobiography by Allison Cobb (Essay Press, 2015)

Allison Cobb isn’t interested in delivering epiphanies to readers. She’s interested in literature that opens a mystery and a sense of wonder, and offers a container for others to experience that opening. Plastic: An Autobiography, embodies that mysterious and wonderful opening.

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Concert Review: Animal Collective Perform Sung Tongs at the Moore Theatre

The early aughts belonged to the garage rock revival from New York City, yet by 2004 the scene began to show signs of exhaustion. The best acts had been gobbled up by major labels and Top 40 radio. In May of that year, a little-known group based in Brooklyn put out a sleeper hit titled Sung Tongs.

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What’s Behind the Eritrea-Ethiopia Thawing Relations?

On June 5th Ethiopia announced a monumental reform on behalf of its new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. The nation would accept and implement the 2000 Algiers Agreement that ended the Eritrean–Ethiopian War (1998-2000). It also announced a new support for a 2002 ruling by the UN-backed Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC), which bestowed several contested territories, including the town of Badme, to Eritrea. For the last sixteen years, Ethiopia has ignored the ruling and kept troops stationed in these disputed territories.

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